Sand-bag filler

Frame adapted filling of standard-sized sandbags.

In its folded position the filler measures 300 x 500 m.m. In order to reduce space requirements during transportation, several fillers may be stacked on top of each other.

When in use, pull out the handle and lock in position, and the filler is ready for efficient filling of sand bags.

The bag is easily attached with an eccentric lock. The lock may be swung out before the bag is attached, and then returned back in position to be tightened as shown on the two small images. The bag is now ready to be filled by a couple of shovelfuls of sand.

When the bag is suitably filled, it is easily released and may be closed. The filler is now ready for another

bag. This process may be carried out by only one person!

Strong materials and a rugged construction is applied to withstand rough handling. The

filler is produced of aluminium, plastic and stainless steel. A simplyfied model equipped with a fixed handle, and with other measures may be obtained.

LOMA sand-bag filler is patented. It is manufactured and retailed by Trosterud Mek. AS. For further information

please contact Øystein Trosterud (