Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)

Raising and lowering table for the food industry:

Trosterud Mek AS has produced many different lifting tables, each adapted to its special purpose. Common to them all is that they are made as good and stable work-tables.

Health and safety at work

A great company takes care of its employees. Then the good physical working conditions is an important part.

Trosterud Mek AS has for several years cooperated with companies that need adaptation of the workplace.

We think about safety and environment in everything we produce, in close cooperation with our customers..This has also resulted in some great and attractive products.

Pick cart with raising and lowering bottom:

Trosterud Mek AS has developed a practical and hygienic picking trolley. Using compressed air, the bottom of the pick trolley is raised and lowered.This results in a much more efficient loading and unloading of products.This has also very clear and positive health outcomes, as your employees will not have to bend down into the cart to lift up products.

Tipper Container:

TTipping container for industries where there are additional requirements for hygiene. Ideal for production in meat, fish and other food processing industry.