Meat industry

Trosterud Mek AS has designed and delivered many customized facilities for slaughter and processing facilities. We have knowledge about both how to make machines and how to designing them hygienic within the strict requirements imposed.


  • Refrigeration and cooling equipment (such as CO2).
  • Aftersteaker.
  • Smoke ovens, smoke trolleys.

Internal transport

We can supply all types of carriers, both our own TMV conveyor or other types of carriers. We are good at tying together your manufacturing equipment so you can get a streamlined production line.

  • Conveyors for meat products (minced, sliced).
  • Inclined Conveyors.
  • Conveyors and tanks with load cells.


  • Workstations and packing table.
  • Round mate-table.
  • Trolleys.
  • Pick-trolleys.