Trosterud Mek AS

Internal transport of light goods

Modular conveyors specifically designed for the food industry. Special expertise for dairy applications. We supply chain, belt, slat, wire mesh and roller conveyors. These are reliable and proven systems that meet the food industry's requirements for maintenance and cleaning.

Complete systems

We design, manufacture and install. Training and service is provided to suit your requirements.

Other products

Crate lifts, racks, tables, containers, platforms, stairs, balustrades, trolleys, machine, washing equipment, covers, mixers, wheelchair ramps, check weighing and Capacity measures certified by the Norwegian Metrology. Our industrial services provide quick and effective relief.

We have equipment for

Water jet cutting, shearing, bending, pipe bending, stamping, machining, welding, soldering and polishing.

Contact information

Trosterud Mek AS

Ostre Aker vei 68

0581 Oslo


Phone: +47 2305 4650


Established over seventy years ago.The company is today one of the leading suppliers to the food industry. Our versatile experience has also given us a good name in the rest of the industry.